admin-ajaxWelcome to Uveitis Support Canada

We are a non-profit support organization for anyone living with uveitis or other ocular inflammatory disease. While our resources are especially devoted to supporting patients in Canada who suffer from uveitis, anyone living with an ocular inflammatory disease will find the information on this website helpful.  Uveitis affects children as well as adults and is the third leading cause of preventable blindness in developed countries.
Uveitis is a rare, serious medical condition that affects vision. Uveitis is inflammation deep inside the eye, in the blood supply layer of the eye.  It is one of a larger group of illnesses involving ocular inflammation.  If you or a loved one has uveitis or other ocular inflammatory illness, it will be very important to learn about the disorder, its treatment, and where to find specialist resources.  Advocacy and emotional support are also critical for recovery.

Specialist medial resources will be necessary if uveitis persists beyond a few months and these resources can be difficult to find. We can help you identify specialist resources. Read deeply on the site.  Learn about your illness and modern treatments.  Knowledge is power. Come to a meeting.  Participate in our support community.  You are not alone.